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WEBINAR: Medicaid Redesign and Expansion: Can We Have One Without the Other?

With the Supreme Court’s ruling on Affordable Care Act came the option for states to expand their Medicaid programs. To date, 31 states, including the District of Columbia, have chosen to expand Medicaid and receive federal funding for the program at 100% for 2014-2016, and gradually decrease to 90% by 2020. Twenty remaining states have not chosen to expand Medicaid. In either case, it seems that our work is not done.

Even among the 31 states/DC that have expanded Medicaid, the process for expansion and decisions to redesign their Medicaid delivery system vary. Moreover, among the 20 states that have not expanded, some state legislatures and governors have indicated that Medicaid first needs a redesign or reform before expansion can take place. What, then, is the best prescription for Medicaid: Redesign and expansion, or one without the other?

Please join us for a free webinar, hosted by the Mental Health America Regional Policy Council, which will provide information about various states’ experiences with Medicaid expansion and/or redesign. We will also explore the different options states have employed to best serve their Medicaid recipients. 

Register here: https://cc.callinfo.com/r/145ql5edzl1cn&eom

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