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MHA Answers Congressman Murphy's Statement by Encouraging Congress to Work Together on Mental Health Reform

Congressman Tim Murphy today issued the following statement regarding HR 2646, Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015, as it moves to markup next week: 

"As I have been from the start, I remain committed to incorporating concrete language from all seeking to collaborate in good faith to bring a manager's amendment to HR 2646 during markup. We’ve worked around the clock to find common ground and still seek to do all we can to meet the needs of committee members. I strongly encourage all who have specific language to engage so we can reach a consensus on comprehensive mental health legislation that will save lives, prevent crises, fund services and treatment, get people out of jails, and promote recovery before stage four, just as we do with every other chronic disease and condition."

MHA President/CEO Paul Gionfriddo issued the following response:

"We're very pleased that in the lead-up to committee action on HR 2646 next week, Congressman Tim Murphy has reiterated in a very public way today his willingness to work with all interested parties in drafting language to make mental health reform a reality during the mark-up process. We are especially pleased with his emphasis today on crisis prevention, jail diversion, and recovery. As legislation moves to the next stage, we applaud Representative Murphy's expressed willingness to work in collaboration with other members, because we need people of good will to come together around specifics now. Mental Health America encourages members of Congress to work together on mental health reform and to bring their own ideas and language to the negotiating table, and we encourage our affiliates and other advocates to join us in continuing to share our own specific suggestions with members of Congress for making reform legislation as powerful as it can be to promote recovery before stage four."

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