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Services Issues

Position Statement 38: Supportive Housing and Housing First


Mental Health America (MHA) supports Housing First policies that expedite access to permanent supportive housing for people with mental health and substance use conditions and integrate mental health and substance use treatment with an effective safety net that includes safe and affordable housing, without requiring treatment as a precondition unless the person meets the standards for civil commitment.

Position Statement 33: Substance Use Disorders


Mental Health America (MHA) advocates complete integration of substance use and mental health outreach, identification and treatment. Early identification of substance use and mental health disorders should be followed by early treatment, without regard for administrative systems and funding silos. Prevention of disorders and promotion of health and wellness also must be fully integrated to be effective.

Position Statement 32: Access to Medications


Mental Health America (MHA) envisions a society in which all people in need have access to the full array of high quality, community-based, culturally and linguistically competent, integrated mental health and substance abuse services, regardless of ability to pay.  For many mental health consumers, access to the full range of the most effective medications is a crucial component of successful treatment and recovery.  Such medically necessary psychotropic medications, and their combination with other services and supports, are often ess

Position Statement 34: Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Other Electromagnetic Brain Treatments

Policy Position

As confirmed by the 1999 report of the United States Surgeon General concerning mental health, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can be an effective treatment, primarily for individuals with severe depression, some acute psychotic states, and mania.1 However, there are risks of memory loss and other cognitive damage, and the administration of ECT is controversial and stigmatized.

Position Statement 37: Peer Support Services


Mental Health America (MHA) believes that peer support is a unique and essential element of recovery-oriented mental health and substance abuse systems. MHA calls on states and communities to incorporate peer support services into community-based mental health and substance abuse services, both as stand-alone entities and in conjunction with other services.

Position Statement 31: Development of Employment Services for Adults in Recovery from Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

Policy Position

To have and hold a job at the highest level is a crucial source of dignity and purpose for many people. For individuals with mental and substance use conditions it is also a key supporting factor in their recovery.

Position Statement 35: Aging Well: Wellness and Psychosocial Treatment for the Emotional and Cognitive Challenges of Aging


The public resources available for healthcare in America seem to be increasingly in jeopardy (in 2011), as debates over federal and state entitlements become more and more polarized. Medicare and Medicaid reductions or reorganizations loom, just as the baby boom demographic tsunami is starting to be felt.

Position Statement 36: Self-Determination Initiatives

Statement of Position

Mental Health America (MHA) envisions a just, humane and healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma, discrimination and prejudice.  Consistent with this philosophy, MHA promotes individualized planning, self-directed care and self-determination initiatives for individuals with mental health and substance use conditions of all ages as important tools in the development of recovery-oriented systems of care.

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