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Workplace Training and Resources

Confidential Consulting

Trying to make a decision about what you need in a workplace strategy can be challenging.

MHA offers confidential consulting to help identify solutions. For employers, supports include a discussion about challenges and options targeting the intersection of workplace culture and mental health. Commonly explored topics include

  • Understanding and supporting mental health concerns among staff (including onset of mental health problems, disability, disclosure, suicide or self-harm, or family conflicts).
  • Mental health crisis management.
  • Employee engagement: burnout, stress, absenteeism, productivity. 
  • Accommodation concerns.
  • Mental health benefits and how to best support staff.

There's no requirement to commit to anything. We're here to listen, brainstorm, and support. Consultation can occur via email or on the phone.

If you're interested in consultation, send an email with the subject "Consultation" to 

What makes a mentallly healthy company?

MHA surveys show that mentally healthy workers are happier, more productive, and more loyal. And yet, most American workers report high levels of stress and worry and low levels of support from managers and coworkers. Employers that value mental health in the workplace retain their employees, have lower overall absenteeism, and lower health care costs.

In Fall 2019, MHA plans to introduce the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health, a certification that recognizes and honors employers whose efforts demonstrably improve mental health for its employees, families, and communities.

A mentally healthy company has policies and practices that support a culture of growth, employee engagement, and prevention of mental illness. The MHA Bell Seal will evaluate companies on the following areas:

  • Section I: Workplace Culture
  • Section II: Health insurance & Benefits
  • Section III: Mental Health Programs & Perks
  • Section IV: Legal Compliance & Inclusion
  • Section V: Leadership & Community Engagement

Join the Pilot

In prepartion for its Fall 2019 launch, MHA is requesting employers to participate and give feedback as a pilot in exchange for a free assessment, consultation or an opportunity to be among the first employers to receive the Bell Seal certification for workplace mental health. As the first workplace mental health certification of its kind, your workplace can be a pioneer in improving the Bell Seal to better evaluate and address the needs of workplaces seeking to improve employee mental health. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating as a pilot or have questions about the Bell Seal, please complete the form here.



MHA hosts our work health survey.  We change our questions annually.  Our question provide some insight into the challenges and needs of workplaces. 

On occasion we have provided the survey to companies interested in using such an evaluation for their teams. MHA provides assistance with survey distribution and data analysis.

If you're interested in conducting workplace based surveying, email with the subject "Assessment" to

If you're interested in comprehensive workplace evaluation, MHA recommends checking our affiliate: MHA Franklin County and their Assessment Program. MHAFC provides comprehensive evaluation and consultation support in workplace mental health. 


MHA offers customized trainings for employers and employees on topics related to mental health and the workplace. Trainings are available in person and virtually via phone or video conferencing. Trainings are customized based on employee needs and flexible in time allotted to training (hours to days based on needs). 

Example of common topics covered in MHA Trainings

  • Learn
    • Understanding mental health conditions and its intersection with workplace issues. 
    • Burnout and stress
    • High stress jobs and mental health problems
    • Work-based trauma. For professionals who work with people in crisis
  • Support
    • Supporting yourself
    • Support others - short term and long term strategies. 
    • Seeing and responding to crisis
    • Team and workplace strategies for change
    • Family issues and impact on employee engagement (parents who have children with special needs, addiction and workplace, when and how to take time off)
    • Transitions in Workplace culture and impact on mental health, including for example changing technology and impact on sleep, challenges and opportunities in moving to remote based work.  
  • Skills
    • How to manage long term emotional challenges
    • Work stress and family life - how to not take work home. 
    • Working with high stress jobs and high stress clients
    • Understanding and managing vicarious trauma

Many of MHA's affiliates also provide extensive hands on local training support.

MHA can help guide you towards the training support that is most appropriate for your needs based on size of attendees, type of training, and location. 

Pricing will vary depending on length of training, number of anticipated participants, and staff time and travel expenses.

If you're interested in workplace training, please complete a request form here.

Our work is made possible with support from the Faas Foundation.


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