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February 2019

Why the Egg Matters

By Paul Gionfriddo, MHA President and CEO, and Madeline Reinert, MHA Policy and Programs Associate

A little more than a month ago, a picture of a brown egg found its way to Instagram. Its original purpose was both straightforward and tongue-in-cheek – to set a record for the greatest number of “likes” of an Instagram post, using an everyday image that had no earthly reason to attract a following of its own. The old record was 18 million.

A Year Later: What We learned from Parkland

By Paul Gionfriddo, MHA President and CEO

It was a gloomy, rainy day yesterday as I flew into Ft. Lauderdale. Fitting for the week, as today marks a year since the horrifying massacre in Parkland, Florida. It is my first time back to Broward County since the shooting, which happened just 35 miles from my home in Lake Worth.

A Show Worth Watching ‘One Day At A Time’

By America Paredes, MHA Associate Vice President of Partnerships and Community Outreach

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Work Reporting Requirements in Medicaid Don’t Work

By Marcie Timmerman, CEO of MHA Kentucky

A growing trend in state and federal Medicaid policy is the establishment of “work requirements” or “community engagement requirements”. Essentially, these involve requiring recipients to report a certain amount of work, education, or volunteer hours or they lose health care coverage.

How Supporting My Sister Taught Me Self-Compassion

By Taylor Adams, MHA Programs and Operations Manager

The Invisible Competition: Mental Health Within Athletics

By Olivia Lubarsky, Student-Athlete, Towson University

Seventy Percent of Teens Think Depression and Anxiety are Major Issues Among Their Peers: It’s Time to Support Them in Creating Solutions

by Kelly Davis, Director of Peer Advocacy, Supports, and Services at Mental Health America

Over half of employees cite work as a source of stress: can apps remedy mentally unhealthy workplaces?

By Martha Neary, PsyberGuide.org

The last decade has seen an increased emphasis on workplace wellness with many workplaces introducing initiatives to support and improve employee health and wellbeing. These initiatives serve multiple goals.

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