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January 2019

My Name is Samorn. And I have depression.

By Samorn Selim

After I had my baby, I fell into deep depression again.

Positive Relationships in the Workplace

By Michele Hellebuyck, MHA Policy and Programs Manager

Discover the Benefits of Mindfulness in 2019 through the One Percent Challenge

By eM Life Instructor Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT

Small Steps to Big Change, All It Takes is One Percent

Overcoming Depression after Laryngectomy: The Personal Experience of a Physician

By Itzhak Brook, MD, MSc, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Why Mental Health Screenings Should Be a Regular Part of Cancer Care

By Catherine Reynolds, MHA Communications Associate

When we think about cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, we don’t wait years to treat them. We work to address these conditions before Stage 4. We begin with prevention. And when people are in the first stage of those diseases, and have a persistent cough, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar, we try immediately to reverse these symptoms.

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